Process of renting

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Make a reservation online or by phone

Please reserve your visit date and time and confirm your order details online or by phone.
You can make reservations from anywhere, anytime using your PC or smartphone at kyonomiyako.

Visit us

Please come to Kyonomiyako on the scheduled date and time.
Please apply makeup and finish washroom before coming to the store. (Please do not makeup in the store except who has reservated makeup service.)

Choose a kimono/yukata

Please choose your favorite kimono from our selection of kimonos.
We have a wide variety of kimono, from simple style to cute style.
Click here for the list of kimono/yukata plans

Dressing/hair styling

You can rest assured that your kimono will not fall apart easily and will not be painful when fitted by experienced kimono dresser.
An professional stylist in Kyonomiyako will style your hair in a cute way to match your kimono.
It’s fast, has a wide range of designs, and won’t fall apart even after a day, so you can sightsee with peace of mind.
Estimated preparation time
Dressing: 40 to 60 minutes
Dressing/hair setting 60 to 90 minutes

Preparation for going out/Payment

When you are ready to go out, pay the bill and start sightseeing!
*Cash, credit (VISA, Master, UnionPay, JCB, AMERICAN EXPRESS, Diners Club, DISCOVER)
We support QR code payment (iD, QUICPay, PayPay) transportation electronic money payments.

Kyoto sightseeing

There are many tourist spots near Kyonomiyako. Please enjoy sightseeing in Kyoto wearing a beautiful kimono or yukata.


If returning on the same day, please return within business hours.
If you wish to return on the next day, please returned by 15:00 the next day, an additional charge of 1,100 yen (tax included) will be required per person for next day return. Please inqury our staff for more details.